Busy London DSEI Exhibition

It is our first time to participate London DSEI show, totally 4days from Sep. 12th to 15th. I don't want to say how big it is for a military accessories manufacturer, because I am not the holder, we don't care. The point is how important to a military communication accessories mannufacturer.

The first day has a lot of ceremonies, UK defence and army comand will come to visit, some guys also tested our new defence headset DF-1 and DF-3, gave very good comments, promise to suggest to theor comand. I just want to say please be loyal after that:)

The sencond day was business day, crazily busy, there are some new customer who were attracted by our new defenser headsets, DF-1& DF-3, all gave good comments after testing, surely also gave loyal suggestions. We also invisted some old customers, who also generally came to meet this day, discussed business and keep friendship, so too busy to have lunch.

Last two days, we exhibitors visited each other, learnt some new technology and infomation in the area, and also found lot of business chance each other, so it was busy too. 

In total, it is a worthy show.